new Dell with Vista and McAfee which wouldn't register itself!

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Sheesh- I just bought a high end Dell with Vista- the system came with
McAfee's 30 day freebie. Each time I went online, it would proceed to
download the latest data file, then a box would pop up from the tray saying
I need to register the program- and I'd click on REGISTER- but nothing would
happen- after many hours of searching the net, I finally found on McAfee's
web site a note that a file is missing on the new Dell systems such that
McAfee can't register itself- and offering a link to download the missing
file- which of course I did, then I managed to get it registered.

For one thing, since I bought the computer direct from Dell's web site, it
would have been nice if Dell emailed me to inform me of this problem- seeing
that its Dell's fault that the file is missing. A naive user might never
find the solution.

Another thing- when the McAfee trial period is up, will McAfee offer me to
pay for their program, and if so, what will they charge? I just "purchased"
the program from Staples with a double rebate so that it will be free when I
get the rebates - but when I got to my office I see on the box that it's not
ready for Vista and that I'll have to download something first- SHEESH! Good
thing I saw that small print on the box.


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