New Anti Malware Vision (Venak and Avenak White Paper)

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Venak and Avenak Detection Malware Scanner (MPS Edition) White Paper

Hi everyone

We releasing a white paper about VA new security model, you can
download the White paper from following Link:

VA uses new technology called "Main Protection System" or MPS. In
fact, MPS using a new security model, the security model is analyzing
the programs to find unknown threats .Also tells you status of your
Application Programs in Times.
After stating the MPS, MPS start to parse on your processes and
looking for non-standard processes and rate them.

These rates are based on process's access to resource for example
includes Drivers, Services, Registry keys and many other security
In fact, VA tries to tell you about Processes malicious activity. The
mechanism likes a biometric/Robot technology start to prevent attack
from automatic application.

Today computer security is big problem of companies and home users.
The most important capability of VA is defeat with Metamorphic
Malware; Metamorphism is the ability of malware to transform its

This ability was first introduced in viruses and was later used by
worms, Trojans, and other malware.
There now, exist several metamorphic engines/programs that implement
only the logic for transforming code that can simply be linked to any
program to make it metamorphic.

Our plan is to release the VA on our Web site after fall 2007,

Check it for future information

Please Send Your Ideas to our E-mail Idea AT

Best regards, Nima

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