netzero broken into?

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Someone got into my netzero id and sent all my contacts what is probably
phishing, telling them to go to some web page to make money. THing is it
included my sig which said I don't use that id much.

Was this specific to me or did it hit a lot of people?

I am reluctant to use netzero again.

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Re: netzero broken into?

vjp2 wrote:

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So why haven't you changed your login credentials yet at your NetZero
account?  Anyone can try guessing your login, socially engineer it out
of you, use a keylogger on your hosts, etc.  Perhaps you used really
simple words for your username and password that was easy for a
dictionary attack.  It's up to you to use strong login credentials.

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<snipped the SPAM signature - which wasn't a proper signature, anyway>

Re: netzero broken into?

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How do you access NetZero email ?

Email client ?

Web page ?

Multi-AV Scanning Tool -

Re: netzero broken into?

Last year one of my cousins (Comcast) and has an iPhone had his
address book hijacked.    Fast forward almost one year and another
(unrelated cousin), also on Comcast has her address book hijacked.
She also has an iPhone, not sure if that even comes into play or not.
Cousin #1 had Comcast delete his username and assign a new one, cousin
#2 just told everyone to use her gmail address.    Haven't gotten any
from her Comcast, she may have contacted them or the spammer just
moved to another hijacked address book.

Can't remember where cousin #1 e-mails were originating from, cousin
#2 were from Italy.

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