NAV2005 live update problem

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My copy of Norton antivirus (part of Norton internet security 2005 - 3 user
edition) won't allow live update unless in administrator account! This is
the same for all 3 computers.

If I switch the user's privileges back to power user (which is how Windows
should be used for daily activities) the program states that live update is
OFF (for Norton anitvirus).

I guess the live update is off because program updates cannot be installed
unless under admin account but I would have thought that they would have
allowed the virus definitions to be updated!! This seems a crazy state of
affairs since running under admin account means that all the built in
security features of Windows 2000 are not used. Micro$oft states that you
should not run your computer under admin account for day to day activities.
What can I do. Does everyone who uses NAV2005 run their computers under

Also when under the Power users account the Windows update is permanently
enabled. I do not want to use Windows update so how can I disable it now?


Re: NAV2005 live update problem

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Hello Bob
I also have NAV 2005 (also 3 parts), but does not use an administrator.
On the inset of Norton Internet Security there is the line User Accounts
it is represented, what Users are registered and whether can change the
different tuning, simply you change an user. If not can roll update with
goes out .Also you can change registrations records on
control panel. And that to Windows update, on and control panel must be
and mark is the automatic update, you call there, you tick off, where you
want and all.
If incomprehensible send me a letter

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