NAV won't scan in safe mode

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I can't get NAV 2003 to scan in safe mode on Win2000 Pro.  I get no
error message -- it just doesn't do anything.  Watching task manager I
notice that whenever I try to scan, in addition to NAVW32 I see a file
called xwysih.exe pop up; navw32 sits in the list, but doesn't do
anything.  I can kill xwysih, but when I try to scan again, xwysih shows
up again.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Re: NAV won't scan in safe mode

xwysih  path?

is it malware,trojan?

if yes,you should goto safe  mode ,do delete this file

make sure create a backup copy

eg.   xwysih.bak

Re: NAV won't scan in safe mode

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Nothing shows in google for this name xwysih.exe. I suspect this is
random name given by the malware. Use Dave Lipmanss Multi AV utility
to detect and remove the malware. The kaspersky module will probably
detect it. Go to

Regards, Ian.
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Re: NAV won't scan in safe mode

Ian Kenefick wrote:
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I ran Kaspersky through Multi AV, in both normal and safe mode, but it
didn't correct the problem.  When I initiate a NAV scan in safe mode,
two processes show up in Task Manager: navw32.exe and xwysih.exe; after
a few seconds both disappear.

I tried to do a system search for "xwysih" while it was running (using
the Windows search function), but came up with nothing.  Mind you,
jxwysih doesn't appear in Task Manager for long, and it just disappeared
as the search finished.
If a process shows up in Task Manager, is there a way to find out where
it came from?


Re: NAV won't scan in safe mode

Robert wrote:
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perhaps not with task manager, but process explorer from is able to tell you that sort of information...

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