NAV W98SE Problem

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I recently had to upgrade from Norton 2000 to 2004 on my 98SE system
with dial up. It is a disaster. NAV tries to dial out on every boot
up. It tries to dial out every time a directory is opened. It locks my
system if a directory is opened when a .doc file is also open. It will
crash the system if too much time is spent online.  Is there a way of
getting into NAV and disabling these actions? Is there any way NAV can
be tuned to service a dial up equipped system? I may have to eat my
NAV purchase cost and replace it with another package. Any
recommendations on an AV that will not overwhelm an older dial up
system? I have been considering AVG. Any one out there using AVG on a
dial up?

Thanks  Ray

Re: NAV W98SE Problem

on 5/14/05, Ray supposed :
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I have installed it on 4 systems using dial-up, it checks once a day on
the 98 & 98se system.  But runs fine, both of these systems are on the
net every day...  the XP systems are different, the one using a local
system is fine, the other using Wal-Mart Connect/CompuServe/AOL has
been a problem.

The local dial-up is less expensive than Wal-Mart's but the client has
been told by her son that the local is no good and she is trying to do
what he asks.  It has all sorts of problems, and it is related to
Wal-mart, as I changed her dial-up from Wal-mart to my emergency
account, and it was without troubles that two weeks.

My suggestion install, and things should be good.  The fitburg fire
stations use your dial-up company as a web host -

JR the postman

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Re: NAV W98SE Problem


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Take a look at a trial version of KAV version 3.5 from the Swiss site:

It will be fully functional for 30 days, after which its updater will
quit unless you purchase. Most of the time, updates are small
downloads, especially if you update frequently as you should.
Updating (and everything else) is completely under your control.

This version is really sweet for  Win 9X/ME. If you use it with
its default "smart" scan settings, you may find that its realtime
monitor doesn't slow your PC down at all. And you have the
advantage of a top notch scanner.


Re: NAV W98SE Problem

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What is your cpu speed and how much memory does it have?
If you have the latest definition updates, do a complete virus scan.
Bring up the Norton screen.
Click on the Options tab.
Click on Norton Antivirus.
Under the Internet header, click on the LiveUpdate.
Uncheck the box for Enable Live Update   OR
if you want it, go into the Task Schedular and set it to only check once a day
or whatever you choose. I believe by default it checks every 5 minutes.
You should be able to control your options this way.

Re: NAV W98SE Problem

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If NAV is trying to dial every time a directory is opened, then it
sounds like the installation of NAV wasn't complete.  After the
initial CD install of NAV, it is set to perform a LiveUpdate, which
downloads all the updates since the CD came out.  Since you are
talking about NAV 2004, that could be a lot.  

I suspect that the LiveUpdates never finished.

I've found for older Windows 98/98SE computers that Norton is just way
too much overhead and way too intrusive.  For those PC's, I've started
using Zonealarm with AntiVirus ($24.95) which has low overhead, has a
highly rated firewall needed even with dialup, and anti-virus.

Do a complete uninstall of NAV before trying any other anti-virus

Re: NAV W98SE Problem

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John had some good advice.
Try uninstalling Norton and do the necessary reboot(s) (finish with emptying the
Recycled Bin and temp files) and then install it again.
After it is complete, do the manual liveupdate and follow the directions.
Make sure you do not have another anti-virus program running at this time.

Re: NAV W98SE Problem

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I've used almost every flavor of NAV since 2.0 in 1995 up until NAV
2003. I was running NAV 2000 on my Win98SE E-mail PC up until 6 months
ago. It appeared that the live updates installed all of the critical
features found in 2003 and 2004 without the overhead created by
Norton's license monitoring bloatware.

I switched to NOD32. It has a very small footprint, it's extremely
configurable and the updates are fast.

I freed up almost 400MB of disk space when I uninstalled NAV!

F-Prot Windows also works well with Win98SE but you have to go into
MSCONFIG to disable automatic updates otherwise it does the same thing
as NAV. Yes mommy, I'm old enough to manage my own AV updates!


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