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My sister called in a panic today, as her 1.6Ghz 256 meg, 20gig drive, Dell
PC is all but useless after working with Norton Anti-Virus 2004.  The system
is extremely slow, even taking several minutes to put icons on the desktop,
and MS Word taking a couple of minutes.  All far slower than before she did
the following.

Norton NAV 2004 subscription lapsed.  She decided to install NAV 2006, so
uninstalled NAV 2004.  Installation of NAV 2006 failed when she ran it from
their website (ordered on line), and directed her to a site to download
symnrt.exe.  She ran symnrt.exe without a problem.  System then was very
slow.  Powered off and restarted with no change.  Everything appears to
work, but system is agonizingly slow.  I had her check some things.  CPU
usage is very low, and memory usage appears fine.  Wiped out all Symantec
files I can find.  No Symantec or Live Update programs to be uninstalled.

What next?  I forgot to check hard drive space, but will tomorrow.

- Phil

Re: NAV & symnrt.exe


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Check for spyware/adware using a reliable product designed for that
pupose. Ditch NAV and get something a bit less cumbersome.

Re: NAV & symnrt.exe

Phil wrote:

   Wiped out all Symantec
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   1. Remove all entries in the registry - "Symantec" or "Norton"
   2. Remove all Symantec files - do a search on your drive for
       "Symantec" or "Norton"
   3. Defrag yourhard drive
      ** Anytime you remove a program and want to reinstall it you must
          do this step. **
      Othewise you may reinstall some same files which might be
   4. Reinstall Norton AV.

       NAV is initially setup for corporate work when you get it.
       When you open it, click the "Options" Tab,  click on
  "auto-protect". In the bottom section change the selection to "Scan
files using smartscan". Just to the right of that you'll see a button
named "Customize". When you click that it shows the extensions that will
be scanned.  If you leave it on "Comprehensive file scanning", you will
be scanning all of your files all the time which wll slow down any system.
       I use NAV 2004 on one system and it works good.

Re: NAV & symnrt.exe

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Phil wrote:
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Look for anything Norton/Symantec/LiveUpdate-related in Add/Remove Programs
and remove it, assuming that her computer isn't using any other
Norton/Symantec software.

It could be that NAV has left some driver files behind. To get into the
Computer Management window, right click My Computer->Manage.

Right-click on Device Manager->View->Show Hidden Devices.

Under "Non-Plug and Play Drivers" look for references to NAV or SYM,
disabling each in turn (if asked, only reboot after you've done them all).

You could try installing NAV 2006 and seeing if you can successfully manage
it, then uninstall/reboot/SymNRT again and buy Eset's NOD32 as it doesn't
gunk up the system :-)

Is the computer still that slow in Safe Mode?

If you open on the Task Manager, once it has booted and got past the
initial programs after logging in, is the "System Idle Process" getting
most of the CPU (>95%)?

Have you tried disabling any firewall/anti-spyware software? Did your
sister, in her panic, install any other anti-virus software?

Are there any errors or warnings in the Event Log, in the Computer
Management window?


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