NAV Live Update not responding

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Good People,

I have a desktop computer at home that is running Norton Antivirus
Corporate Edition (I think it is the version that was brought out
in 2000) on Windows 98E).  I have been unable to use the Live Update
function of NAV since July 5.

When I click "Live Update," the program contacts the Symantec site,
as usual.  But then it locks up at the "Getting Latest Product
Information," with no error message of any kind.  (One time the
Live Update function crashed at the "Retrieving the Data" phase.)
The task manager (CTL-ALT-DEL) indicates for Live Update: "Program not
responding," and I have to terminate the program.

The issue does not seem to lie with the Symantec site.  I was able to
use Live Update successfully with my principal desktop and from my
laptop.  (The afflicted machine is used primarily for data backup and
by my teenage daughter for email.)  A virus scan turned up nothing
(although that may not mean anything, given the we cannot udpate the
definition files).

Has anyone on this board dealt with this kind of problem with NAV?
Advice for fixing this problem would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.


E-mail to: ptr at email dot unc dot edu

Re: NAV Live Update not responding


I am having the same problem..... I get as far as you and then
everything locks up.  My cpu usage goes up to 100% but nothing else

Have you heard of any reasoning or workaround?

Re: NAV Live Update not responding wrote:

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it is available here, too busy accnt new virus showing up.
look at CNN if you can. They got hit

Re: NAV Live Update not responding

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Temporary fix:
Go to the Symantec website and use the Intelligent Updater option (once there,
select Downloads, Virus Definition Update, Download Virus Definitions
(Intelligent Updater Only), Download Updates and then click on the .exe file
under Filename.
If you have dial-up, this will take awhile as the file is just over 8MB. You can
choose to save the file and then double-click on it to install it (I believe) or
just choose 'Open' rather than save the file and it will do it automatically.
If it works, first do a complete and thorough virus scan.
Then, if all is clear, you can work on the other problem; sometimes an uninstall
and reinstall of Norton is the quickest.
Or, go to the Symantec website and go through their online help program.

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