NAV - Disable outbound email scanning

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Running Symantec NAV/NIS 2006 on WinXP.

On a current long-term project that takes up nearly all my computing time, I
send virtually all my outbound mail to *myself* at another address.  Each has a
attachment, and the attachments are large and inert.  Scanning these as they
leave takes a long time and is, to me, useless.

It's well known that unchecking the Outbound Scan box makes no difference. But
some time back I found info here on how to disable outbound scanning. Now I see
that the program TURNS IT BACK ON, without asking, each time it does an update.
Unfortunately for me, I didn't keep the instructions for disabling it.  I
remember only that the final step was to tell the program to "make this change

Does anyone know the steps?  I know enough to scan things that can do damage;
just want to save myself the (literally) hours now being wasted on these
outbound-to-myself scans.

Grateful for any clues.


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