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Hi all

Looking at a PC last night that had a folder N360_Backup which has grabbed
half of a 30GB c: drive.

The PC originally had Norton 360 installed but now has Norton Anti-Virus
Looks like the newer software doesn't include any backup options and that
the N360_Backup folder can now be deleted.
What I didn't understand was the fact that the N360_Backup folder wasn't
removed when the original Norton 360 software was uninstalled!

Is anyone familiar with these two products?
Does the new Anti-Virus 2009 product reference the N360_Backup folder in any
way or is it now junk and safe to delete?



Re: N360_Backup Questions

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You are correct that NAV has no backup functionality and I believe is
unaware of the leftover N360 backup folder.  I'm guessing that uninstalling
N360 does not remove the backup folder in case the backups are still needed.
Obviously it would be good if the user were alerted to this during the
uninstall.  In any case if you don't need the backups just deleted the
folder.  By the way, the 2010 product is available and will work with the
same license key.

Re: N360_Backup Questions

"Victek" wrote
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Thanks Victek

Can you clarify the last sentence please?
Do you mean NAV 2010 or Norton 360 will work with the same license key?
Can I just download whichever and install then input license key?
Or do you mean it has to be installed as an upgrade-type-thing and will find
the existing license key file?


Re: N360_Backup Questions

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The license key for NAV 2009 will also work for NAV 2010.  You can download
the trial version of NAV 2010 from softpedia (much easier then getting it
from the Symantec Store), uninstall the 2009 version (choose the option that
saves settings), then install NAV 2010.  It will pick up the license
automatically in my experience, but to be safe it's good to make sure you
can log into you're "My Norton Account" (at mynortonaccount.com) and view
your key.  Norton 360 uses a different license from NAV or NIS so you
wouldn't be able to transfer it AFAICT.  regards...

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