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Version 7/7/06 now up at my web site has several
improvements over prior versions. Some improvements
are cosmetic, one minor bug was fixed, and the scan
speed was again improved. The ZIP file now contains
a README.TXT containing additional info.


Re: My JPG-SCAN program

Art wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Just tried it after downloading some jpg sent from China(came back

Nice quicky program - long live DOS :0)

Re: My JPG-SCAN program

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<Just tried it after downloading some jpg sent from China(came back
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks for a excuse to post some additional info. Based on comments
from users on alt.comp.freeware, I had recently put effort into
speeding up scanning. In my case with only about 1300 folders and
400 JPGs, total scan times were under a minute, which I thought was
both typical and OK. However, a few people reported they had
several thousand folders and several thousand JPGs. I managed
to speed up scanning, fix a couple of bugs and make cosmetic
improvements. The 7/9/06 version I put up Sunday evening should
now reliably handle most all users situations and not take more
than two minutes or so to scan a few thousand folders and JPGs
providing the machine specs are "decent". I'm seeing about 14 seconds
now on my machines. I believe scan speed is a very important factor
since people won't bother scanning unless it goes very quickly.

Another item of interest I mentioned on the freeware n.g. is the
neutered froggy at my site which people can use to verify that the
scanner is working. It has enough of a signature that my scanner
alerts even though all malicious code has been obliterated. Just
right click on the little frog and your browser should offer to Save
the image file to a folder.

Also, I discovered that KAV suddenly started alerting on one of
the JPG samples I have ... one named web.jpg. I had been
testing my scanner when KAV 6 popped up with a alert.
Fortunately, the error trap in JPG-SCAN worked as planned
and my scanner recorded the error and continued scanning
OK. That should explain why the final report screen displays
a error count, and why it's not a good idea to have a realtime
av running when using JPG-SCAN. Symantec (NAV) in particular
detects the Trojanized JPGs (or most of them), and I'd expect
similar conflicts with NAV active.


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