MSFT lying to MSE users

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I'm now seeing something that really frosts my azz. On XP machines,  
Microsoft Security Essentials is turning red and popping up saying that  
it won't be updated and that the XP computer is insecure. Which is  
essentially a baldfaced lie -- the program itself may not be updated any  
further, but definitions updates are still available and the program is  
still offering protection. Nonetheless, the indications are that it's no  
longer working.

I've got a number of home users I support, some still with XP, and  
nearly all of them are using MSE -- which I installed. Prior to the XP  
EOL date, I had been telling people that their anti-virus would still be  
active and would continue to be updated for another year or more (July  
2015 is what MSFT said, I believe). Even though that *is* the case, MSFT  
is making me out to be a liar.

Last night was my first hands on session with one of these. While MSE  
was active and I was able to download new virus definitions, it still  
stayed red and said the machine was insecure. I thought that perhaps the  
version of MSE was outdated, so I uninstalled it, ran the FixIt that  
cleans out the detritus, and tried to reinstall from a freshly  
downloaded installer. It refused to install, saying the OS was not  

Ended up installing avast!. Which of course installed Google Chrome and  
Google Toolbar. (And yes, I chose the Custom install, but I obviously  
missed seeing the opt-out.)

I get it that XP had to go away at some time. But there's no excuse for  
this latest stunt they've pulled with MSE. It's the same tactics used by  
the rogue anti-malware purveyors.

Mark Warner
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