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Re: Microsoft releases VML fix for Windows 98

Dustbin Ko0k wrote:
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An illogical post to be sure.

Re: Microsoft releases VML fix for Windows 98

Dan wrote:

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The original source for the above stats are here:

 "A global usage share of xx percent for OS Y means that xx
  percent of the visitors of Internet users arrived at sites
  that are using one of's services by using the
  particular number of OS Y."

It's hard to know who Onestat's customers are.  That could skew the
results towards corporate or institutional web surfers and away from
soho or home users.

I would really like to see Google's analysis of operating system
statistics based on the ID string submitted by web browers hitting
their search portals.  Have they ever published this?

I didn't think that XP's share was much higher than 80%.  It's listed
as 86% by the above survey.  I think perhaps that it was 80% a year
ago, so perhaps the 86% is correct.  Win-98 has been half of Win-2k
for at least several years now, but I thought it was slightly more
than 4%, with 2K at 8%.


Sept 2002:

 "Two interesting market surveys indicate that Windows has
  actually gained market share in the most recent quarter,
  even though PC sales have almost flattened and will likely
  grow at an abbreviated rate through 2003. According to market
  researcher, Windows now controls 97.46 percent
  of the global desktop operating system market, compared to
  just 1.43 percent for Apple Macintosh and 0.26 percent for
  Linux. says its figures are derived from real-
  time global Web site analysis, and are an average of the
  past two months."

Note again that it was Onestat who performed that survey.

If you compare the recent survey, Macro$haft has 96.9% of the market
today, vs 97.46% in late 2002.  That's a decline the way I read it.

Remember how some were poo-pooing the claims that Micro$lack was
extending support for Win-98 because of fears of people jumping ship
to Linux?  

There's only one direction for Windoze market penetration - and that's
down, and that's what's been happening.  If only at a glacial pace.


Want to see some blasts from the past?,3956-page,1/article.html /

Re: Microsoft releases VML fix for Windows 98

98 Guy wrote:
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Thanks 98 Guy.  I will have to check out the web links when I get a
chance.  I agree and I would also like to see Google post the results of
  operating systems that come to its site.  This would help provide a
clearer picture of the operating system environment.

Re: Microsoft releases VML fix for Windows 98

98 Guy wrote:
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Bill in Co. wrote:
 > Not in "ANY" case.   (Mostly NOT in my case!   Thanks, but no thanks).
 > Gary S. Terhune wrote:
 >> Two different topics entirely. AFAIC, the OS needs to be as patched as
 >> possible in any case.
 >> --
 >> Gary S. Terhune
 >> MS-MVP Shell/User
 >>> That's my point on ANY operating system.
 >>> The operating system isn't really what needs to be patched - it's the
 >>> people
 >>> that need to be "patched".
 >>> Gary S. Terhune wrote:
 >>>> Wanna bet that the MAJOR issues with the XP machines are due to
 > person(s)
 >>>> managing them (and/or the network as a whole) improperly?
 >>>> --
 >>>> Gary S. Terhune
 >>>> MS-MVP Shell/User
 >>>>> Ian Kenefick wrote:
 >>>>>>> "David H. Lipman" wrote:
 >>>>>>>> Sorry Dan but if you are STILL using Win98 in a school environment
 >>>>>>>> by the time Vista comes out then the school is a fool !
 >>>>>>> No, the school is not a fool.
 >>>>>>> If the school did move to Vista, then the taxpayers would be fools.
 >>>>>>> Does electronic page-turning really need Vista?  Or XP?
 >>>>>>> Do you really want to see school boards throwing out perfectly good
 >>>>>>> PC's and replace them with the Cray's that they'll need to run
 >>>>>> Since MS will not release updates for new vulnerabilities in Windows
 >>>>>> 98 and ME I think that this is reason enough to move.
 >>>>> If that ends up being a big enough problem then the 9x computers
 >>>>> remain just not connected to the Internet.  As it is, the XP
 >>>>> Professional
 >>>>> computers that are much newer than the 98SE computers already have
 >>>>> Issues.

Huh, you mean to tell me Bill that you have no interest in patches to
Windows.  <shakes head in disbelief>

<Sorry, I cannot reply to your post -- Bill -- this newsgroup seems to
be having issues>

Re: Microsoft releases VML fix for Windows 98

98 Guy wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Gary S. Terhune wrote:
 > Hmmm... Just might, just might. Need the mobo model to know for sure
what PS
 > models might work. I was amazed to discover how many
incompatibilities there
 > are in this field, particularly when working with name-brand machines.

Another good reason to just build your own system by yourself or with
help from a knowledgeable friend. <smile>

Re: Microsoft releases VML fix for Windows 98

Gary S. Terhune wrote:
 > I'm still working on that one, Dan. Major issue is that when working
 > remotely one needs networking enabled. It's tempting to use Safe Mode w/
 > networking, but that's a bit scary to this novice administrator. I also
 > needed to wait until the machine wasn't needed for business and was
 > that would be today. Unfortunately for me, it would appear that
businesss is
 > booming. Just looked in on that machine and it looks like someone is
 > it, someone who is too busy to answer the phone! Either that or someone
 > forgot to close out yesterday, which is quite unusual.

I guess someone decided to work on Saturday.  I am just kicking back
now.  I went to the mall and had to have my tire replaced because it was
faulty.  I was enjoying Itunes on the XP Pro. side of my computer and
tried loading it down with all kinds of stuff open at once like I do in
98SE and XP Professional does not like that at all which is strange
since 98SE has no problem with it.  I have not seen the 100% CPU error
as an issue in the test builds of Vista Ultimate either so it seems to
be confined to XP.  I do not know if it affects 2000 or Home either but
I know it affects XP Professional.

Re: Microsoft releases VML fix for Windows 98

98 Guy wrote:
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PCR wrote:
 > | Richard G. Harper wrote:
 > | > When the day comes that I take something posted here that
 > personally, you
 > | > can feel free to beat me over the head with my keyboard until one of
 > them
 > | > breaks.  Since the keyboard is from Microsoft (oh, sorry Guy ...
 > Mikro$haft)
 > | > I suspect I know which one will give first.  :-)
 > | >
 > | > Until then I have found a cure for this particular issue.
 > | >
 > |
 > | I can see that now from the above post.  I would never want to hit you
 > | over the head, Richard with a Microsoft keyboard of all things. <grin>
 > You should use a Compaq keyboard, anyhow. It has 19 extra keys!

PCR wrote:
 > You must recant 33% of your dire warnings over Win98 by the time my own
 > coffee has brewed, Harper-- OR my instructions must stand! After all,
 > McAfee has caught & deleted this dread new "testvml[1].htm.vir" that all
 > are in a frenzy switching .dll's about! I may switch mine too, but
 > that's beside the point!

That is exactly what I got, PCR.  I think it was tied to this newsgroup.
  Microsoft is investigating the issues with this newsgroup,
fortunately. I talked and was walked through by Microsoft support on
this issue even though I knew I could do it on my own -- it certainly is
nice to have someone to talk to about it.  I think it may be linked to
the warning above that I mentioned.

<Weird I have to post from above at this post or my post is rejected for
some weird reason -- anyone else besides PCR and myself noticing this> <?>

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