Microsoft AntiSpyware Warning Message

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Hello Group,

(Sorry Group if this is off topic (Anti-Spyware vs Anti-Virus); but I
could not easily find a USENET Anti-Spyware group, and did not get any
results when searching Google for the following warning message.)

I am evaluating Microsoft AntiSpyware, i.e.:

and am receiving the following message:
"Microsoft AntiSpyware has detected a Windows Shell Browser trying to
be added. A Shell Browser is a toolbar that is inserted into Windows
Explorer or Internet Explorer giving it control over your computer.
Name: &Address"

I believe this warning message is caused by IE's Address Bar, but am
not positive.  Anyone have more info about this warning message?

Thanks for reading this posting,
Keller Beyer

Re: Microsoft AntiSpyware Warning Message


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