Micro$oft will continue to active new installations of XP after EOL (April 8)

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Q: Will Microsoft cease requiring XP users to activate Windows XP as of
April 8, 2014, since support for the product is ending?

A: No. A spokesperson confirmed that activations will still be required
for retail installations of Windows XP post April 8. "Windows XP can
still be installed and activated after end of support on April 8," the
spokesperson noted. "Computers running Windows XP will still work, they
just wonÂ’t receive any new security updates. Support of Windows XP ends
on April 8, 2014, regardless of when you install the OS."

Another update (January 15): For those asking in comments below,
Microsoft will continue to make all patches and fixes made to Windows XP
up until April 8, 2014, available to users via Windows Update. "There
are no current plans to remove existing Windows XP security updates from
Windows Update after end of support on April 8, 2014," a spokesperson

Q: Will Microsoft remove Windows XP Mode support in Windows 7 as of
April 8, 2014 via a patch or update? (XP Mode allows users with old XP
apps to run them on Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.)

A: No, XP Mode will not go away, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed.
However, Microsoft won't be providing any patches or updates to XP as of
that date, so those using XP mode will be exposing themselves to
potential security risks.

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