MediaCom's all in one "eTrust Internet Security Suite"

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I use MediaCom cable.  They are now touting an all-in-one protection
suite for their users.

As I always say, I'm no expert, so I stand on the shoulders of giants
to tell me what to use.  You "giants" haven't failed me yet, and I'm
grateful.  Bundled software usually has loads of weaknesses, I'm told,
so I thought you guys would like to tear apart MediaCom's package.

Liker callers often say on talk radio, I'll hang up now and listen to
your comments...

Thanks a "bundle".

Re: MediaCom's all in one "eTrust Internet Security Suite"

Their "bundle" appears to come from Computer Associates.  CA's EzAntiVirus
is good and one of the best for the least load on your system and least
slowdown of file I/O traffic.  Unfortunately, it isn't listed in the AV
comparative so I can't tell you how good is its coverage.  CA's firewall is
nothing more than a rebranded copy of the trial version of ZoneAlarm Pro: in
30 days, the trial expires and the product degenerates into the Free

By the way, you don't need to be a MediaComm user to get this bundle.  CA is
a partner with Microsoft.  Go to to get
the free 1-year trial of EzAntivirus (but get ZoneAlarm separate instead of
the rebranded version of it - or download a copy of Sygate's Personal
Firewall at before Symantec fucks it up since they
bought Sygate).

I'm not experienced with CA's anti-spam solution.  For spam filtering, I
doubt they can do better than SpamPal ( ) which is free
and has a strong support group in their forums.  Fact is, CA's anti-spam
product probably can't do even half of the filtering methods that SpamPal
provides.  CA's PestPatrol is okay but be prepared for false positives.  For
free anti-spyware, look at Microsoft AntiSpyware (still beta), Ad-Aware SE,
Spybot S&D, Spywareblaster, and Prevx Home - because no one anti-spyware
product detects all the spyware out there (Prevx is an intrustion protection
system rather than a scanner).

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Re: MediaCom's all in one "eTrust Internet Security Suite"

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I use CA eTrust on two of my systems. I didn't care much for the
firewall so I didn't use it(I use Sygate).The AV seems to work well
with other malware protection programs. Have had no problems with Pest
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