McAffe reading video files

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     I have McAffee Enterprise 8.0i in Win XP, and it works great most
of the time. However, sometimes, when starting video file playback, (VMW
or AVI) by double-clicking, the player (BSplayer in my case) comes up,
and then waits for about 1 to 3 minutes, while mcshield.exe reads
something. When observed in Task Manager, one can see that mcshield
reads hundreds of megabytes in the process. It is /not/ the video file
itself, (which /can/ be that big), but it's not that - it happens with
small video clips too - like 2 to 10 MB files, where mcshiled reads 100
or 200 MB (as seen in the "I/O read bytes" column of Task Manager.
     Any idea of what's going on? It does /not/ happen on all video
files, just on some. I can understand it scanning the video file itself,
but the data it reads in the process is orders of magnitude more than that.

Re: McAffe reading video files

     Problem solved. Turns out it is not the video file itself, but the
folder I'm playing it from. Since BSplayer builds a playlist from the
folder it is started in, it scans for media files in the folder.
Mcshield.exe, of course, scans ahead of it, and when I play a file in a
folder with thousands of files and gigabytes in total size, well, much
reading happens. :)

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