McAfee, XP Anti Virus Malware/Spybot Operation

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Hi all

Comment and questions here........

I was hit earlier this week by a virus/malware which a) changed the
wallpaper on all accounts to show a "Spyware Detected..." alert box with
reference to Win32/Adware.Virtumonde etc. - and - b) displayed an Anti-Virus
2008 license pop-up repeatedly.

I have never found the McAfee site easy when looking for solutions to
specific virus issues, but finally stumbled on a removal procedure which
involved downloading a Process Monitor.  This is used to stop certain
processes before the scan and allow thorough cleaning.
Fortunately the procedure appears to have worked.

The first question relates to run32.dll.  This is one of the processes that
were supposed to be stopped for the scan, but I couldn't find this in the
process list.  I thought this was a key file likely to be always running -
am I mistaken?

Also I had Spybot installed and a Tea Timer runnning at one point but having
stopped the Tea Timer I can't find the re-start button.
Anyone know how to initialise this?



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