McAfee VS9 vs. VS9 Pro?

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After getting over being pissed that McAfee arbitrarily stopped
selling annual subscriptions for VS 7 Pro, I bought into their update
offer of VS9 (standard - non-Pro) for $29.99 as a direct download with
no rebate hassle.

It worked OK.  I liked that it didn't drag down my P4, and no
compatibility issues,

BUT, I couldn't stand having to log in from my Mozilla browser for
every update, and bothered that the standard NA DATfiles and scan
engine files would not recognize VS9.  Also, it has a relatively
high-level, moron-proof, interface that does not give as fine grain a
control over options as I am used to.

So, my question, does VS9 Professional look and act the same way?
Same all-morons-welcome interface and no DAT files allowed?  Or is VS9
Pro more like a self-contained version of McAfee Enterprise?

If they're basically the same products with a coupla add on features
for VS9 Pro, I may just resort to Virusscan Enterprise 7.0 that I have
access to.

Bradley B.

Re: McAfee VS9 vs. VS9 Pro?

Can't answer your actual question, but just to add to the commentary, vs 8,
which I use, adopted the same approach of not being able to use the DAT
files anymore - BUT, David Lipman pointed out a while ago that if you
downoad the zip file version of the DAT file (from ) then you can
extract the four *.DAT files, disable virusscan, and copy them into
C:\program files\\vso.

It may work with vs9 as well.

Good luck

Re: McAfee VS9 vs. VS9 Pro?

That method will work for vs9 it is virtually the same as vs8 internally.

Mcafee is implementing daily dats later this year for vs9. they brought in
these for the corporate version 2 weeks ago.

Re vs9 pro it includes
[Quote}>>>>>Besides all the powerful features of VirusScan, VirusScan Pro
includes a 2-user license (letting you protect a second computer), anti-spam
protection, system cleanup tools and secure data erasure.[End Quote]

We at the mcafee forums have been trying to get vs9 changed to allow some of
the cooler vs7 features such as folder exclusions etc. No joy yet but the
developers acknowledged our wish list...


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