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I had saw this on the news last night....but they didnt really give the
problem...just that there was one.  Anyways....apparently McAfee is having
problems with their new security center which includes the virus scanner.
Well, I downloaded the new version not remember the news story last my zonealarm does not work nor will it allow me to reinstall

Has anyone else had this problem and is there any known fixes?

Re: McAfee help

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I didn't see the news, but our new computer came with the McAfee Security
Suite, which includes, anti-virus, firewall, anti-spam, the whole enchilada.
Up until now I've just used McAfee anti-virus, with pretty good results.
However, the anti-spam portion stinks.  I use Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook
for my email and it was crashing every time I used it.  I looked up the
error message in the MS Knowlege base and found that this was due to third
party programs.  With the help of this article I was able to take the
anti-spam out of my Outlook and now it runs fine.

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Yes this an issue from what i hear provided you can uninstall ZA ,install
virusscan and choose not to install its firewall and then reinstall ZA. I
know that works with ad-ware which VS also baulks on.

Provided ZA not the anti virus /firewall version that should work though we
mods are chasing confirmation and a better solution.

More complaints here

Peacekeeper/ mcafee forum helper...

Re: McAfee help

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I had uninstalled ZA.....installed McAfee (just the security center and
virus scanner)...and went to install ZA...but it gives an error about the
TrueVector thingy....needs to be turned off or something to that effect.
Needless to say, I cant get it installed.

Re: McAfee help

Post the issue on the forum the more the faster they will move to fix this

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Ok will check with Mcafee

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Ok got this from another mod on the mcafee forums

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the primary background program for ZA. The best way to uninstall ZA is to
first change the settings so ZA doesn't load at startup, then restart the
computer, (which causes True Vector to NOT load at startup), then uninstall
ZA. When done using those procedures, the TrueVector should correctly be
removed. If not done that way, TrueVector can frequently remain installed on
the machine and running in the backgound.. ZA looks like it's uninstalled,
but it's not completely. I've had such problems reinstalling when no McAfee
issues were involved. It's a problem with the uninstall procedures in ZA.

The best way to proceed is to then use manual uninstall procedures for ZA.
I've used the links below on problem uninstallations of ZA. ALL OF THEM! In
addition, after following all of the uninstall steps in the links below, ZA
should then be installable while in Safe Mode. (Yes, even on an XP machine.)

Unsure if this your issue but posting it in case it assists you

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