Mcafee disabled by a copied DVD!!!

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Thought I was imagining things, but watched it happen several times. When I
attempt to play a DVD movie which had been made with the program "DVDXcopy
Platinum", the Mcafee virus protection is disabled. Original DVDs, or those
made with another copy program don't do this. At the beginning of the DVD is
a warning screen inserted by DVDXcopy; "this is a backup copy, etc", and as
that screen is displaying, the virus scanner is disabled. Why - I have no

Aside from the obvious solution of uninstalling the DVDXcopy program and
throwing away any DVDs made with it (which I did very quickly ;-) ) I'm
puzzled as to how it could be so easy to turn off the virus scanner. I mean,
what's the point of having it if it's that easily disabled?

Thanks for any insights...

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