manually configure Panda firewall?

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I'm using Panda Titanium 2006, and it's giving me grief with an online
game called "Second Life". If the Panda firewall is enabled, Second
Life gives me a network-related error message when starting and then
quits. Second Life co-exists with the standard Windows firewall no

Unfortunately, Second Life isn't listed in the Panda firewall's program
list to allow me to set port access manually. Nor does Panda allow me
to manually add a program, like you can with the Windows firewall's
"exceptions" list.

 I've tried to figure out where the Panda firewall stores it's list of
allowed/unallowed programs (registry?, files?) so that I could perhaps
modify it manually - no luck.

Does have any ideas or suggestions about this?

thanks in advance,

ps: I tried dealing with Panda's tech support people about this, but
they were pretty clueless.

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