Makita LS1013L 15 Amp 10-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser

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I could not be more pleased. Very accurate and smooth cuts. I especially like
the soft start. Plus it is also quiet.  
I am a home woodworker and purchased this saw to replace a radial arm saw. The
laser was one of the main features that caught my eye. The saw was purchased
from Amazon and even though the packaging integrity was minimal, the saw arrived
in good shape. The first thing I checked out was how square to the fence a cut
was, no problem, right on. Checking the laser next I was amazed to find out the
laser was not parallel to the blade but at an angle. On a 3" wide board it was
off by 1/16" and on a 7" wide board the laser was off by 3/16". In other words
if you drew a square line across the board, lined up the laser on one end, it
would be off on the other end of the line. Where do you line the laser up to
cut??? I took the saw up to a factory service center and explained the problem
very clearly using diagrams. They said they would check it out. Two weeks later
I went to pick up the saw, I checked it out at the service center and the laser
was still off. They said the adjustments met all of the specs. Then I called the
factory technical support on the west coast. I was told I was being way to fussy
and wood working didn't require any more accuracy than that. Poor Laser, Poor
Support from Makita. Never again.
First of all, let me start by saying I have used a lot of different brands of
miter saws and this Makita is, by far, the most substandard of them all. I am a
trim carpenter by trade and have unfortunately been saddled with this saw by the
company that I work for over the last two months. The list of defects is long.
First, the positive stops are bad to say the least. The zero stop has about 1
degree of play on both sides of zero, forcing the operator to BEND OVER THE SAW
to look at the HORRIBLY placed miter gauge on the table top.  This is a
horrendous design. If you have more than one carpenter using the saw, you need
to always be on guard to verify if the saw is in the zero position or has been
moved slightly to one or the other side of zero. If you have already laid your
stock on the table you HAVE TO MOVE IT TO SEE WHAT THE MITER ANGLE IS. I have
never seen a worse design. Secondly, the blade guard cam that retracts when you
pull the blade down to cut is constantly stuck, again due to a bad design. There
is no roller, just a blunt ended push arm that binds on the guard every time
you go to make a cut. This is a $500 production saw, right? Wrong. You'd be
better off buying some crappy Craftsman or Delta than this hunk of junk.
Thirdly, the laser worked for about a week and has since (two months) been AWOL.
None of us can get it to work, and we have guys with years of experience using
different models of saws. The other reviewers also complained about the so
called "dust collection"... Makita might as well have looped the discharge port
to spray the dust back in your face for as well as this thing handles dust
disposal. Also, the tiny fences are a joke if you want to cut stock over 3"
high. All in all, this is a poorly designed, expensive mistake that you would be
better off avoiding.  One last thing, the "quiet" blade that comes with the saw
is amazing, it really is quiet. It is the only redeeming factor in this fiasco
of a saw.
I have had this saw for several months.  It is a POWERFUL but quiet SILKY SMOOTH
STRAIGHT SAW.    It is deceptively large because of the sliding feature.  I had
to move my work bench to accomodate it.    MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOU HAVE ADEQUATE
ROOM BEHIND THE SAW.    I was regretting my choice and wishing I had gone with a
compound bevel like the Dewalt 716 until I had to cut some 2X12s last weekend.
The Makita went through them like they were so much 1/4" plywood smeared with
peanut butter.   WOW!  GREAT woodcutter!  Obviously a decent blade accompanies
the saw.   I really like the independent switch for the laser, I can use it to
line up my cut without running the saw.    Why NO five stars?  Dust collection
is not great. I put an adapter in place of the dust bag and attached my Shop
Vac.  It helped but a bench top vacuum system near the blade guard is still
needed or perhaps a big scoop at the rear of the saw attached to a real dust
collector system.  My saw arrived with a broken bevel lever.  It is only a $4
part so I decided to order it myself rather than hassle with Amazon or anyone
else.  I also wanted some optional accessories.   There is virtually no fence on
the right side of the blade.  However, there is a factory add-on fence option
available as is a horizontal clamp.    I went to a nearby home center that seems
to specialize in Makita as they have a large display and they have had factory
reps on site several times in the past. When the salesman looked up the prices
for the fence attachment and the clamp they almost had to call 911 to restart my
heart. Together they would have cost more than 1/4th the price of the new saw.  
 Even though OUTRAGEOUS I did order the bevel lever and the right side fence
attachement.   The wait for the bevel lever was approx. a week. Good service,
good price for a 3" piece of plastic.   Some 2+ months later the fence
attachment has never arrived.  I hope it doesn't at this point, I have made a
home-made attachment that works but isn't, of course, as pretty.  But pretty is
as pretty does and at about $5 a square inch the Makita fence is a littttle
pricey IF IT EVER ARRIVES.    This is a GREAT saw but it scares me to think what
will/will NOT happen if the saw breaks down and I have to wait for an essential
and really important part!  The letters S - O - L come to mind.            
I purchased this saw to replace an off-brand 12" sliding miter saw. The
difference is in accuracy and quality is amazing. The saw performs as you would
hope.   Pros:  Design, Usability, and overall Quality Cons:  The side reading
scale. It is just different, not        really a bad thing.  I have only used
this saw for one project thus far and it performed flawlessly. I laid 800 sq ft
og Brazilian Cherry flooring. The blade held up through the entire project and
the cut quality was exellent. Though it is now due to be sharpened.  This saw is
in my humble opinion a well made and well thoughtout piece of equipment that
performs extremely well. I will buy another one when the required.
Innovative engineering and quality construction come together in the Makita
LS1013L 10-in. slide-compound power miter saw. This professional-duty machine is
a dual-bevel saw that tilts 45 degrees to the left and to the right, allowing
you to make bevel cuts without having to flip around the board. Its oversized
aluminum worktable rotates 45 degrees to the left and 52 degrees to the right
for miter cuts. Set both the bevel and miter angles to make compound-angle cuts,
such as when installing crown molding.    The saw also has a built-in laser that
clearly highlights cut line for quick, safe, accurate cuts. However, unlike most
miter saws, the laser on this Makita model is mounted above the blade, not to
the arbor. That means you don’t have to turn on the saw to activate the laser.
Another nice feature is that the laser is independently switched, so you can
turn it on or off whenever you’d like.    The saw carriage slides on two
precision-ground steel rails that are fitted with ball bearing guides. The
result is a vibration-free smooth-rolling saw that produces precise, consistent
cuts, even at the outer limits of the slide mechanism. By the way, this 49-pound
tool can crosscut a 2-by-12 and bevel-cut boards up to 3-5/8 inch thick. The
LS1013L has a souped-up 15-amp, 3,700-rpm direct-drive motor that transfers
cutting power to the blade much more efficiently than typical belt-driven saws.
  The saw comes with a dust-collection bag, hold-down vise, two extension wings,
70-tooth carbide-tipped saw blade and blade wrench. This versatile saw can
handle a wide range of carpentry jobs from house framing and deck building to
cabinetmaking and interior trim work. -- Joseph Truini


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