Macafee SecurityCenter 7 Issues

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I have had Macafee SC7 running for about two days on my system.

AMD 3000+
1000 Ram (PC 2700)
SATA Maxtor Plus 9 150GB HD X 2
Gigabyte GA7 Ultra MB
XP SP2 ( All updates installed)

These are the issues I've noticed.

Browser load and refresh is noticably slower, especially on Ebay.

When typing onto a web form, there is also an annoying delay.

When I first launch Outlook Express, it indicates no new e-mails... then if
I launch the Spam filter program and then re-open Outlook E-mails download.
In other words, you can't go directly to Outlook Express for e-mail, without
launching the Spam filter program first.

When Windows XP first starts up, Macafee Privacy asks for a passord, even
when the system only has a single user.

The first time I installed the program and tried to update, it indicated
that components were missing. I un-installed and then re-installed, which
fixed the problem.

In summary

I'm not happy with the software and have requested a refund. Has anyone else
had any similar problems.

Can anyone suggest the best alternative.

Private E-mail accepted.



Re: Macafee SecurityCenter 7 Issues

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I havent noticed a change really with that, as I only have a dial-up modem

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I had a problem sending emails when I set-up the Spam Filter, it wouldnt
send, but I found a way round but I cant remember how though, I read the
error why and followed the instructions as best as I could.

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I have Windows 98 - it takes forever to load up after logging on to get the
McAfee Privacy Service up - very annoying

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I didnt have that problem.

Im running a:
Windows 98
Pentium 450MHz
20GB Hard Drive

Re: Macafee SecurityCenter 7 Issues

Best to post in relevant mcafee forum. Do u mean Internet security suite 7?

This the forum

The recent patch of viruscan 9.1.06 caused a cpu utilization issue but was
fixed for XP OS at least by the 4479 dat file.

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