Mac vs viruses ?

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Working on a G5 from time to time, I observe that it is never infected by
viruses contrary to PC that request tonns of kaspersky and other to prevent infections.

Forced to copy what Mac invented, Bill finally installed bugs in his
computers... bzzzz !

Question : I don't say that there are no antivirus for mac (mcaffee,
titanium, etc) but G5 is remarquably well protected by design.
Is this a feeling that I have noted at work or a reality wellconfirmed ?


Re: Mac vs viruses ?

<Thierry> writes:

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It's a reality well confirmed at present, however, the future may not
be so rosey.  Now that they share the same underlying hardware as the
PC, and there are a lot of bad guys who know a lot about intel
assembler,  if any mac holes are found,  exploitation of them in
shellcode is going to be more accessible to the bad guy community than
it once was when the relative obscurity of powerpc assembly language
gave mac malware a tougher hill to climb.

Mac OS X based on BSD is a hell of a lot better off than Windows in
terms of security architecture, it is true.

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Todd H. /

Re: Mac vs viruses ?

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In a decade I've seen one Mac that had a Mac virus, and two
that had Office viruses. But local Mac usage is very low, so I
can't draw any especially significant conclusions from that.
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Re: Mac vs viruses ?

Thierry wrote:
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This has nothing to do with any OS being superior to the other in
design its because most people use Windows PC's therefore if a coder is
going to write a virus that he wants to infect the whole world with is
he going to write his code to infect windows that 90% of users have or
mac which 4% of users have?

a lot of people think that the number of exploits found in ms products
are due to bad code, however if linux and mac os had the same number of
exploiters targeting them i think you will find just as many holes are


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