LU1841 error: a Norton Liveupdate solution found.

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My solution to the LiveUpdate LU1841 error.  It pops up and cryptically
tells you that it cannot connect to the liveupdate server.  What a help.
And I didn't find the solution within the myriad of options on the symantec
help page---perhaps I'm just bad at reading it.

I just figured that I'd post a solution that was fairly hard for me to
figure out, because the solution was counter-intuitive.  Perhaps it'd help
someone.  I discovered a few people in forums in HTTP land that have had
similar issues.

The problem arrizes from having unused dialups configured on your system
even though you are using lan connectivity to, say, a router.  In other
words, you aren't dialing anywhere: nothing modem, nothing dsl, nuthin.
Your router is doing that, and your system connects to the router.

Norton's LU likes to have its connectivity default to a dialup---it looks
for the "default" in the list, and in my case, neither were default and it
kept the dialup config.  You need to tell it to knock it off.

I hate the way the norton options are layed out.

Actually fire up LiveUpdate.  The config is "hidden" only within that
facility and is not reachable from, say, system works console.

Choose Options-->Configure-->ISP-->"do not manage my dialup..."

I hope this helps someone.

Sometimes life just sucks and then you live.

Re: LU1841 error: a Norton Liveupdate solution found.

On Thu, 21 Jul 2005 12:47:44 GMT, "Thomas G. Marshall"

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Well you explained that one for me  - ta very much.

I used to get this error intermittently and Symantec Help pages don't
as you say. Haven't had this error for ages now in fact in the light
of this information I can pinpoint the fix to the day I decided
keeping a dial up modem installed "just in case" was a bit OTT and
removed it.


Re: LU1841 error: a Norton Liveupdate solution found.

jonah coughed up:
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I can't tell you how good it feels to defeat murphy and his @#$%ing laws by
posting a solution *before* the question is asked, and having it actually
work for someone.

If I can ever figure out how, I hope that someday I'll
succeed in my lifetime goal of creating a signature
that ends with the word "blarphoogy".

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