Loss of Internet Data access

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PUTER: W2k (yeah its old - but its a backup and works)

Yesterday for unknown reasons I could not view anything on the internet.
Avast is blocked in Zonealarm (asks for permission - which I allow when update)
NOTE: I block any/all programs that like to go to the internet on their own!
Only shield active in Avast is WEB

It started to work OK when I turned off that Web Shield.
Any idea why that would happen?
Like Avast database out of date or clobbered?

 Will Renkel
 Wheaton, Ill.


Re: Loss of Internet Data access

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"yeah its old - but its a backup and works"

Apparently, not any more.  Retire it and get a new system.

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Re: Loss of Internet Data access

Will Renkel wrote:

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Avast, free or paid, as well as many other security softwares, will
expire after awhile, like a year.  You get to use the free version or
subscribe to a version for a year.  After that, the product expires.
They want to make money on the subscription model.  They don't want to
support old versions in the free model.  Avast will run a bit after its
expiration, like maybe 14 months after the 12-month expiration, but it
does expire.  So uninstall it and use something else that is newer, or
let it update its program version.

Avast and many other security softwares may not support the long dead
Windows 2000.  Mainstream support died back in 2005.  Extended support
died back in 2010.  Check with Avast or with whomever's security
software you want to use to see if they still support Windows 2000.

If you use a firewall to prevent an anti-virus program from updating its
malware database then why bother installing an anti-virus program?

Re: Loss of Internet Data access

VanguardLH wrote:
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Norton Antivirus 2002 can still be updated by periodically downloading
the Symantec Intelligent Updater package.

This updates the virus definitions and scan engine dll's.

The Intelligent Updater package will update NAV 2002 as long as NAV is
within it's 1-year date of installation.  Once the year is over, you can
uninstall and reinstall it as long as you delete the file
"Catalog.Livesubscribe" (which is not removed when NAV is uninstalled).  
NAV 2002 will function just fine on Win-9x, 2K and XP.

Whether or not NAV 2002 is sufficiently hooked into all aspects and
services of windoze operation - I don't know.  It seems to be able to
scan files as soon as they're created, but it may not be able to detect
an exploit-in-progress if it doesn't involve the creation of temp files.

NAV 2003 and higher employed more sophisticated license-tracking - I
don't know if these latter versions can be installed and accept updates
without being registered with Symantec.

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