Limited User Account (WinXP Pro SP2).

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For security reasons I created a Limited User Account (LUA) and begin to
wonder if the security benefits outweigh the hassles.

Most applications are working only with Administrator-level accounts.;en-us;307091 recommends to
contact the software manufacturers...well, most of them don't respond.

The "Run as..." option doesn't work on all applications like CA AV.

With respect to AV/A-S applications, only SuperAntiSpyware and Spybot S&D
responded. I was advised that when scanning with SAS in Administrator
Account the LUA is included as well. Spybot S&D however recommends to scan
both accounts individually.

Ad-Aware, and a2 have yet to respond.

My resident (Real-Time) Av application (CA Anti-Virus v8.3.0.1 - free
one-year trial) will not update while in Limited User A/C.
Error Messages:
"Security center was unable to successfully update components."
"The licence validating did not complete successfully: Failed to connect to
the update server. An error has been detected while trying to make an
internet connection. Please check your connection settings and try again."

CA forum is very poorly visited and I don't expect a response.

I am a careful surfer, don't play any computer games, practice safe-hex and
my OS & browser (IE7) are 'hardened' considerably. Routine AV scans (incl.
Multi_AV) never show anything serious. I haven't had a severe virus
encounter for a very long time.

What are your experiences and/or recommendations?

Is it worth the hassle using LUA?

If I need to replace CA AV and opt for Active Virus Shield - Kaspersky Labs,
courtesy of AOL, will it work in both accounts?

TIA...........Mel :)

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