likely semi-false positive"intrusion" nav05

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i googled and looked thruogh nav hlp/chm for where to report feedback, but
didn't find.
maybe posting here is useful.
White Kenmore Elite 25.1 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Rotating
System at

nav intrusion stopped/alert when I dragged that sears page from ie6 to firefox.
nav popped
up from systray, i paraphrase: "(stopped intrusion attempt... click.. more info)

info box said (as recorded in Activity Log):

Details: Attempted Intrusion "ICC Profile TagData Overflow" against your machine
detected and blocked.
Risk Level: High.
Protocol: TCP.
Attacked IP:
Attacked Port: 2129.
Click the address to trace the attacker.  

Details: Intrusion detected and blocked. All communication with
will be
blocked for 30 minutes.  
Click the address to trace the attacker.  

Details: Internet Worm Protection Signature File Version: 3/22/2006 Rev. 78.
Internet Worm Protection Engine Version:


i found few mentions on web, none in groups.
Microsoft Windows is prone to a buffer overflow vulnerability in the Color
Memory corruption resulting from this vulnerability may allow an attacker to
sensitive variables in memory such as a return address or Structured Exception
(SEH), allowing the attacker to influence program execution flow. This is
sufficient for an
attacker to execute arbitrary code.

Possible False Positives
There are no known false positives associated with this signature.

 refers to:
Security Update for Windows XP (KB901214
this computer is kept patched, so maybe nav blocking "saved" the computer from
wastage -  i.e., not a *complete* false positive? semi-false? or bad
Sears-Roebuck, bad! ?

search sym sites:
1001 found

more search sym's site -
Manually submitting spam and false positive messages to the Symantec Security
Response Center

not quite. try again*
ok, closer.
"if you believe your software has been identified as another program."
no, still not right

eventually stumbled upon
Symantec - Product Feedback


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