least system hog recommendation?

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My setup is as follows: -

Firewall: hardware router
Spyware:  MS AntiSpyware

I'm looking for a good antivirus solution now to complement my setup.
One that provides good realtime protection without slowing my system
down too much.

So far I've looked at Kaspersky Personal and Bitdefender 9 Standard.
Can't seem to get to the NOD32 website to check it out.

Any recommendations?  Should I try and get an antivirus package that
incorporates spyware detection/removal, or leave that job to MS

Thanks for any advice!


Re: least system hog recommendation?


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The new version 6 of KAV shouldn't slow your system down noticeably
after the inititial scan of your drive. That's my recommendation. I
also recommend the use of AdAware and Spybot to complement
KAV's detection of spyware. You should also consider the use of a
software firewall to alert you to unauthorised outbound. I suggest
Sygate because of its excellent trafic log.


Re: least system hog recommendation?

Bitdefender did come in #1 in this review:

http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com /

Re: least system hog recommendation?

Pete@nospam.com wrote:

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A few thoughts about this site:

1) All of the ads and banners are in my HOSTS file.
2) All of the links are click-throughs.
3) Evidently detection rates are not important in this guy's opinion.

AFAIAC, polls and the reviews of sites that accept advertising from AV
vendors are pretty much worthless. I prefer tests and comparatives.
Some AV info for your perusal:

AV-Test (Andreas Marx - Germany)
   (http://www.av-test.org /)
AV-Comparatives (Andreas Clementi - Austria)
   (http://www.av-comparatives.org /)
Food for thought (Eugene Kaspersky)
   (http://www.viruslist.com/en/analysis?pubid=174405517 )

Just my opinion. YMMV.

Ron :)

Re: least system hog recommendation?

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Thanks, good points.

Re: least system hog recommendation?

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I can thoroughly recommend Computer Associates eTrust Internet Security

They make a feature of its "light footprint" and doesnt reduce the system to
crawl like many other makes do!

It won a 4 star award from PC Magazine in December 2005.

You can also buy the components of the suite individually if you prefer.

They offer a 30 day free trial of EZ Antivirus and Personal Firewall.





Re: least system hog recommendation?

james.burrows@gmail.com says...
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Some avs like kav have excellent spyware detection ,so much so that
personally i wouldnt bother running ms antispyware realtime or any other
AS realtime ( they can be quite resource hungry).However a dedicated AS
may remove spyware/adware (if its detected of course) better than the
"brute" force removal of an AV ,so id still keep your ms antispyware (and
a few others) for on demand scanning and removal.

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