Latest update to AVG is crashing my computer.

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I started having problems with AVG Free on July 22nd.  Up until then it
had worked flawlessly for 6 months and I was very impressed.  After the
22nd it didn't update anymore so I posted here and was directed to the
AVG forum where I found I had to remove the upd7avg folder contents (or
something like that) and it would update.

I found a better workaround myself.  I updated to the July 22nd
installation source and it seemed to work as normal again.

Then we come to August the 19th.  I was actually running a scan while
the file was downloading  so I thought I had better stop the scan.  The
system refused to reboot when I restarted it and I had to uninstall and
reinstall my 22/7 installation.  Then today another big system file was
downloaded. Yet again the system wouldn't restart and I had to uninstall
and reinstall AVG.

I'm not sure if I should turn update off now.  If I'm going to download
buggy updates I'd rather have something  outdated that works than
something up to date that crashes my computer.

I am running Win98 first edition, AMD K6-500, 128Mb RAM.  I'll check the
AVG discussion boards but I thought I would make people aware of the
problems I'm having with AVG in case someone knows the answer.

Bill Jillians

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