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I just switched ISPs.
Now, a few times a day, Kerio asks about somebody (only gives URL
number) wanting to send me something.  I assume all are either bad or
not so good since I did not get those notices with old ISP.
But the switch also involved going from a verizon DSL modem (Westall
6100) to an optonline cable modem (webstar) from Scientific Atlantic
DPX2203 series with EMTA.

Q 1  Any easy way to get Kerio to tell me names of senders or do I need
to do a whois each time.
Q 2 If I have told Kerio to remember my denial (but checking the box)
how do I undo that (I already looked and did not see an obvious way).
Q 3 Is the new behavior due to switch of modems or did verizon have
better filters?


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Re: Kerio questions

Lou wrote:

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You probably did, but they would be in a different netblock, which you
may have already filtered out.

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Brand of modem is immaterial. You are being pinged by infected computers
in your new netblock, your neighbors using Optonline. I get the same
thing on RoadRunner, round the clock, about 600 per hour on the average.
'Course, my router blocks them all, so Kerio never sees them.

Do you have a router?  (You should.)

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Forget about it. There will be hundreds every hour.

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You should find this in one of the Network Security options.

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DSL vs. Cable.  I still think you have previously blocked your DSL ISP's
netblock, but haven't yet done this with the cable's IP netblock.

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Re: Kerio questions

Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:
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Thanks for the info.


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