Kaspersky version personal 5.. latest

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Is anybody in this group actually using it full time?

If so, please check and advise me where the key is stored, i installed
version 5 on a new xp pro install, still no key found, BUT the program
actually accepted it on install.and it shows up under support/license

I did search for *.key, even searched for my legit key number, still

I show all files, even used total commander with hidden files shown,
still no go

thanks and   ooroo

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Re: Kaspersky version personal 5.. latest

slartyb wrote:

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I use KAV 5.0.391. I purchased the Suite a year ago, and IIRC, I
created the directory C:\Program Files\Kaspersky, and put the license
key in there. I let KL install the suite in C:\Program Files\Kaspersky

Here is the kicker. The key is not a file but a Registration (not
Registry) Entry, whatever the hell that means. As such, you cannot
search for it with Windows Explorer, even though it looks like a file
if and when you find it. My key is 000nnnnF.key and is located in

   C:\Program Files\Kaspersky\securitysuite\english

I am sure that KL created the securitysuite\english sub-directories,
because I am too anal-retentive too use inconsistent capitalization. <g>

If your key is for KAV only, I don't know what directory KL creates,
but you may be able to find it by searching for the english directory.
Good luck.

Ron :)

Re: Kaspersky version personal 5.. latest

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They create a directory 'KAV' distinct and separate from the main
program directory 'Kaspersky Lab'.
However, your [Ron's] search of directory C:/ should have revealed


Re: Kaspersky version personal 5.. latest

kes wrote:
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I searched again for *.key, and it did work this time. Don't know why
it didn't at 12:01 AM. Oh, I get it. <g> I always move my keys to a
location that the vendor doesn't know about, and save them to
floppies. With a major program like an AV, though, I let the installer
put the program where it wants.

FWIW, KL's response time to false positives and other techinical
issues is excellent. ISTM, that the response of KL's sales department
to lost keys, upgrades (eg., KAV -> KIS), and the like is usually not
as timely. Keep your KL keys in a safe place.

Ron :)

Re: Kaspersky version personal 5.. latest


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the kav home page faq section revealed this info below, see the
mention of the word "embedded'

this would explain the lack of a visible key file.

also i asked a friend who uses version 5 personal, and they cannot
find the actual key file either,

keep your key safe

see below:

an I upgrade the Kaspersky Lab program I have purchased?

Concerning to all Kaspersky Labs products

Yes, you can.

During the period when your license is valid you can upgrade the
version of the product you have purchased.

Purchasing the Kaspersky Lab product you also purchase the right to
use this program during the license key period (1 year usually). The
period is defined in the key file which is provided with the program.

A key file (key) is a file with the key (XXXXXXXX.key)extension. It is
ususally embedded in the program and installed together with the
program on the computer. The Anti-Virus does not function without the
key file installed.

During the license period you can upgrade the version of the purchased
program (as new versions are released). New versions have extended
program functions and corrected errors.

For example, you purchased Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 Personal with the
license period 1 year. The version 5.0.155 was saved on the CD. You
installed this version. Some time later Kaspersky Lab released new
version of the product 5.0.200.

If the version was released during your license validity period you
can download and install it on your PC with the license key file you
have, thus upgrading your Anti-Virus version.

The instructions how to upgrade your product version can be found
either in the section of Knowledge Base for this product, or in the
file release_notes, which is provided with the distributive of the new
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Re: Kaspersky version personal 5.. latest

slartyb wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Don't take some of the KL KB wording too literally. Sometimes things
are lost in the Russian -> English translation. You and I would not
refer to a *.key file in one of the KL sub-directories as being
"embedded in the program."

When you purchased KAV/KIS, IIRC, you received an email confirmation
and were given a passcode to download the key installer and/or program
with the key. The key was embedded in this download. Subsequently,
when you want to upgrade KAV, for example, you just download the
latest version of KAV. Anyone can do that, but it won't work without
activation with the key. The first time it was automatic, but that's
why I said I moved mine so that any new downloads from KL wouldn't
overwrite my key. It shouldn't happen, but you never know.

This is all I can tell you at this time:

1) If you don't have or can't find your key file, you will have to
deal with the KL sales department in order to get another key.

2) If you haven't done so, search the KL fora for key file issues:

    (http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?act=idx )

You aren't the first, and you won't be the last, person to have this

3) If you have any further questions, you should take them to the KL
fora. There is no charge, but you must register in order to post.

Good luck,
Ron :)

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