Kaspersky Trial AV failing on update ...

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    I'm running a Dell box on Win98SE.   Hardware is a Linksys
router (connected by Ethernet) behind a RoadRunner cable modem.

Software protection was CA EZtrust and a ZoneAlarm firewall (free
version) which is no longer updated by ZA for Win98SE.

I wanted to get to better technology, so when the EZTrust subscription
ran out I uninstalled it and installed the 30-day trial of Kaspersky
AV.  This worked fine for about three weeks and I liked it because it
seemed more configurable and better organized.

The last good update was 11/22/06 at 3:35 AM.  Since then, the AV
update runs for 12-15 seconds and then gets an 'illegal operation' and
is shut down.  This hangs the PC and I have to do a hardware reboot.

I turned off the automatic updates and tried manual updating which
produces the same result.  Other than updating, the AV seems to be
running fine.  It checks email and file and internet counts are
updated as I use the machine.

I've done full scans with KAV, Spybot, and Ad-Aware.  All clean.  I've
checked what's running with Process Explorer and don't see anything
unusual there.  I can reach Kaspersky's website and other AV vendors,
so it doesn't seem as if I'm being blocked.  NetStat Live shows no
unexplained traffic in or out.

Before this happened, I had ordered the Kapersky Suite from Amazon.
That's sitting on my desk and I don't want to break the seal if it's
not going to work.

Any suggestions/recommendations on more things to check?  Best place
to upload a HiJack This log?

And ... favorite AV/Firewall combos that will run smoothly on Win98?
Free or paid ... I'm wiliing to spend $$$ to be safe.



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Re: Kaspersky Trial AV failing on update ... all OK now ...

Just checked to see if my message had posted ... and saw the Kaspersky
link for a fix ... DLed it and all is fine now. Much thanks to them
... (and I worked so damned hard on that post to get it all said
properly ... grin).  Time to break the seal on that box.

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Re: Kaspersky Trial AV failing on update ...

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