Kaspersky Rescue Disk released

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    I always keep it on one of my pendrives. It has a nice KDE
interface(with an option for MC), a browser, and a registry editor.
    If you make a folder called:
    Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0
    on the pendrive, Kaspersky will keep the updates there instead
of writing them to your HD. so you can test all the computers in your
home, without having to do the unnerving slow update of the def files
every time. (700kb took me 5 minutes today)
    Links (download and tutorials):


    It does a SLOW, but thorough scan.


    PS Avira had a good rescue disk, but I just get a blank screen
with it now, I wrote to them, annexed the error logs,  they asked for
my licence number. I told them I didn't need one for the rescue disk,
so they told me to go fsck myself. In more polite terms of course. I
no longer recommend it, unless you have a fetish for blank screens.

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