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Hello all,

I am planning on purchasing Kaspersky AV Personal. I don't see a
renewal price on their website, only a purchase price. Does that mean I
will have to keep on paying the purchase price every year? Or am I
missing something?

Many other AV vendors give a hefty discount on renewals.

G. Amik

Re: Kaspersky renewal

On 22 Feb 2006 06:33:49 -0800, gamik@ifrance.com wrote:

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Looks to me like the best purchase deal is the download (not CD)
version for two years. Have you inquired at a KAV distributer for
your geographical area? One thing to consider is that the new
version 6 should be out of Beta soon. I think it's a a significantly
more powerful product. I suggest finding out through your distributer
(if you can) when version 6 can be purchased, and what the price
will be for a two year license.


Re: Kaspersky renewal

It would be nice if we could see the "partners" on the website....
all I've ever seen is the online buying page


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Re: Kaspersky renewal

gamik@ifrance.com wrote:

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So does Kaspersky Labs. They do have a few marketing bozos, you know.

Check this out:

   (http://usa.kaspersky.com/store/renewal.php )

I will get ~30% discount when I renew (shortly) my KL Suite for 2
years. It is my understanding, though, that the renewal is not
appended to the current license. In other words, my license expires at
the end of April, but if I renew now, the new 2-year license will
expire in February 2008, in effect losing a couple of months.

I will probably renew sometime in March, at about the time of the
release of KIS 6/2006. You never know when the marketing bozos will
decide to rescind their discount offer. CeBIT 2006 should keep them
busy for another month or so. LOL.

   (http://www.kaspersky.com/news?id=180586948 )

Ron :)

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