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Re: Kaspersky PSS or Trend Micro PC Suite?

Per Tony Ross:
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I'm about to ditch Trend Micro in favor of Kaspersky.

My gripes with Trend:
1) Fatal Firewall Flaw:
   Their firewall warnings are interruptive.   The
   dialog that is popped takes focus.   Once I had
   this Trojan or whatever that was sending out
   invitations to other PCs to touch my system.
   Every time one did, the firewall prevented it,
   but the attempts were coming in at 2-3 per second.
   Therefore the constant interruptive dialogs effectively
   disabled my PC - even though there was no real problem.
   I had to pull the plug on my DSL modem to be able to do
   any work until I was able to find/fix the problem.

2) No Response:
   I recently moved from Win 2k to XP and Trend keeps downloading
   "New" patches/code that it never recognizes as having just
   been installed.   Repeated attempts to contact their "help"
   desk, but no reply.   Also, in the past, I have dealt with
   their help desk on another issue - hence the quotes.   Really
   inane responses bloated by even-more-inane boiler plate.  It
   was so bad that for awhile I honestly wasn't sure whether I was
   corresponding with a PC program or a person.

I've heard the same complaints from others.

OTOH, I have yet to hear bad word about Kaspersky.

Re: Kaspersky PSS or Trend Micro PC Suite?

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Perhaps the answer is with AV-Comparatives? (I know Kaspersky is one
of the products evaluated. If Trend Micro is not, then
that is an indication in itself.)


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