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Just thought I'd give Kaspersky a trial after using AVG for years.
Well, what can I say? It crashed my PC when I connected to the net.
Got a blue screen (not the usual one) and reboot with a "your computer
has recovered from a serious system failure". This happened several
times. I had to uninstall and go for Nod32 before PC was back to
normal. It also screwed up my Firefox profile! Grr.
Not happy.

p.s. How does Nod32 compare to AVG?

Re: Kaspersky problem


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I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. Sometimes these are
unavoidable. I think there might have been a problem with the network
protection now built into kaspersky lab desktop products. You can
disable this at setup by unchecking the 'operate at recommended
settings' box. Then uncheck the 'real time protection against network

It's always nice to install in safe mode also. FYI:
support@kaspersky.com is excellent. They are fast to respond and have
good advice even for experts.

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It's superior for detection, usability and system overheads. I
recommend this!

Ian Kenefick
Our website

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Re: Kaspersky problem

me@home.com says...
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I had the same problem several months ago when I moved from Norton
and initially decided upon Kaspersky.

The chaos created on my system was so bad that it required an image
restore.  Although I didn't get a BSOD, I couldn't connect to the
Internet and even extended (decent) tech support from Roadrunner
could not figure out the problem because whatever settings I put in
simply wouldn't stick.

After restoring the image I decided against ever touching Kaspersky
again.  I have since read on this forum that there are ways to
install it, as noted in one of the other posts.  However, any
program that needs such delicate installation procedures and can
cause such chaos, is not something I want on my machine.

I'm very happy with NOD32.


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