Kaspersky problem

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I have a WindowsXP system, and a subscription to DefenderPro, which it
seems actually uses Kaspersky to do the work.

As I was using my computer this afternoon, there was a "thwop" sounds,
such as DefenderPro/Kaspersky often makes, when, I suppose, it wants me
to think that it has found and dealt with something suspicious.  This
happens often.  But this time the thwop was immediately followed by my
system rebooting itself.  And when it rebooted, I got a message saying
that my AV database had been corrupted, and asking whether it should
download a new one.  Perhaps foolishly, I told it to go ahead and do so.
My system now appears to be running normally.

But it occurs to me that what I experienced is consistent with some
malware subverting the Kaspersky files and using them for its own

Any opinions?  Should I use some other AV to try and check?

Nick Wedd    nick@maproom.co.uk

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