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How long does it take the Kaspersky anti-virus program to full scan a 30 gb
hard drive?

Re: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Question

A long time, but its thoroughness makes it worth it. I have an 80Gig drive
with 35 Gig used, and it takes about 1hr and 20 min. What matters most is
how much of your 30 Gig drive has been used,
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The  gigabyte + of space which Internet Explorer typically allocates
(by default) to the temporary internet file cache can take a lot of
time to scan if the files are allowed to build up and aren't zapped
occasionally. These files are typically small and there are lots of
them. Reducing the size of this cache considerably is a good idea.


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Depends on many factors, most of which you've not specified. I assume
you mean scanning 30 gig stored on a larger capacity drive.

Scan times depend on KAV version, scan option settings, your PC
specs (speed capabilities), types of files scanned, and total # of
bytes to be scanned. Redundant scanning (entire files) slows it down
considerably. So does scanning mail and mail data bases.

I mention KAV version particularly since Kaspersky Labs have recently
introduced faster scanning models (as I recall).

Why not d/l eval versions and test them for yourself? Or is it that
you're having a problem with a version you have?



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