Kaspersky 2009 - Remove SpyBot?

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I've just uninstalled Kaspersky Internet Suite and installed KIS 2009
as per the upgrade instrcutions.

During the install of KIS 2009, a cue displayed stating SpyBot Search
and Destroy was a conflicting program.  I  was forced to uninstall

Can I now re-install SpyBot, or should I simply forget it.

My understanding is many people run SpyBot or AdAware as a backup to
their main detection suite.

Thanks, Gary

Re: Kaspersky 2009 - Remove SpyBot?

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Kasp requested I remove Comodo firewall before installing (not in a
friendly way either) so I removed it, rebooted, installed Kasp and yet
another reboot and then re-installed Comodo.    I also have Spybot but
it never said that was a conflicting program.   I don't have teatimer
running as a process though, that may have been the conflict?

Note - I don't have the security suite, just the anti-malware program

Re: Kaspersky 2009 - Remove SpyBot?

On Wed, 17 Sep 2008 04:44:10 -0700 (PDT), Duh_OZ

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K9 Internet Security doesn't seem to tolerate other provider's
firewall or antivirus products.  It switches the Windows firewall off,
and sometimes, when I reboot and K9 is just starting / updating I get
the Windows "Your antivirus program is turned off" message for a few
seconds.  K9 runs with A-Squared anti-malware quite happily, including
A^2's real-time monitor.  I've occasionally run AdAware as a
stand-alone process without problems, and I occasionally run
ActiveScan 2, which checks for all sorts of viruses and malware, again
without problems.
Herts, England=20

Re: Kaspersky 2009 - Remove SpyBot?

On Tue, 16 Sep 2008 19:38:48 -0700, G Mulcaster

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Spybot is unlikely to do anything for that Kaspersky won't.

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