Kasperksy, Gmail & Forte Agent

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I'm about to change from AVG Internet Security to Kaspersky Internet

In AVG, to be able to get email from the GMail server I had to add an
extra POP3 server as "Fixed host" "pop.gmail.com:995" Local port used
in email client "5200", and in Forte Agent under inbound email
accounts set up a server, with host name "" using a non
standard port of "5200".

I would be pleased to hear from someone using Kaspersky & getting
email from a GMail account in Agent, if these settings will still be
required or if I can change the server in Agent to a normal POP3
server @ pop.gmail.com

I've downloaded the documentation pdf from Kaspersky but I can't see
in there where you even specify pop3 server details.


Re: Kasperksy, Gmail & Forte Agent

Problem solved!!! didn't really exist I don't think :-)
After installing Kaspersky, changed settings in Agent from ""
to "pop.gmail.com" and port from "5200" to "995" & it gets email from
gmail without a problem.

On Sun, 02 May 2010 14:41:32 +0930, Gary Dingle

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Re: Kasperksy, Gmail & Forte Agent


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That is not a hostname, it is the loopback address. The hostname for
that address might very well be "localhost". The loopback address was
probably previously used by an e-mail scanning proxy installed by your
AV installation.

You don't really need e-mail scanning in most circumstances, and it
*can* cause problems.

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