Is this a virus?

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A friend keeps getting this pop message on his computer. Does anyone know
whether this is genuine? I seem to remember there was a virus that gave this
message. I am loathe to visit the site suggested.
Any help appreciated.


"Messenger Service
Message from SYSTEM to ALERT on 31/05/2005 16:57:30
Windows has detected registry errors on your computer!
Registry errors can cause potential data loss.
Microsoft recommends an immediate system scan.
Visit: for FREE registry scan."

Re: Is this a virus?

I'm getting this strange thing where the cursor arrow creeps across
the screen diagonally when the pc is at rest (ie when I'm not using
the mouse)

I run windows xp and am using a chic optical mouse.

Any ideas?



Re: Is this a virus?

On 16 Apr 2005, Mike wrote:

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That may be an inherent problem with some optical mice under some
circumstances.  I found these pages which may be relevant:

"Smart Computing Q & A Board Message - Wandering Mouse" =

" | Red Hat, Inc."
[*Might* be relevant.  I can't view the whole thread as the Lynx browser I
use doesn't support https and I can only find one post in the thread
cached by Google.  The links pointing to other posts in the thread all
contain https URLs.]

" Electronics: Kensington Pilot Mouse Optical Pro for Windows
or Mac for Right-handed users - 72128"
( product link shortened)

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Re: Is this a virus?

Mike wrote:

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I have a corded MS optical mouse and have found at times the pointer
creeps a bit then stops when the PC is at rest.

Scan your system with your AV, then again with an online scanner. I did
that when I had McAfee installed, Norton online scanner found a nasty
that McAfee missed (an updated McAfee).

Re: Is this a virus? (Mike) wrote:

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Put the cheese in the opposite direction to the mouse creeping!  ;-)

Re: Is this a virus?

On that special day, Mike, ( said...

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Welcome to the club. I've got a optical mouse, too, which sometimes
creeps over the XP screen. It did the same for the ME latop, to which
it had been attached before. Maybe it doesn't really like my coloured
desk mat, or there is a dog's hair (we've got a pointer) somewhere
where I can't reach it.

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Re: Is this a virus?

Peter wrote:
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I had something like that pop up on an unpatched W2K system, ignored
it, patched the system and never had it happen again.

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Re: Is this a virus?

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Not quite.  Someone is using the Window Messenger Service (not the MS IM
software) to send that message.  Go to Control Panel / Administrative Tools
/ Services / Messenger.  Click Stop.  Select Disabled for Startup type.
Then Ok.  It's not from MS, not a virus, not really "spyware" just someone
inviting you to their site (which may host malware) in a most annoying

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