Is there a Virus that can change my harddisk configurations?

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Is that a virus that can delete a harddisk partition and change
harddisk information including harddisk name and size? I found my hard
disk is corrupted and the partition becomes a single unpartitioned

I used surface scan software to try to recover the files, the scan
program firstly can read the partition and seems to recogize something
in the harddisk, however, when it reaches an address in middle of
process, the scan program seems to be held.

I then reset the computer and then reuse the scan program again. I
found my harddisk name is changed to D788PA2Fo2B and the size is
changed fro 74GB to 740GB, and the scan program fails to read the
harddisk again.

Re: Is there a Virus that can change my harddisk configurations?

On that special day, eeh, ( said...

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No virus can do that, only a corrupt BIOS or hard disk controller
(don't forget the card mouted on the hard disk itself!) can do it.

Check your hard disk with a tool that can read the s.m.a.r.t. info,
maybe it is going bad.

Gabriele Neukam

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