Is racial tension growing or getting better in this country?

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Is racial tension growing or getting better in this country?
 I often wonder am i the only one that watches the news on T.V and wonders
what is wrong with this country at this time in it's history?
I can't be the only one that has like a bizillion questions about
black/white people, but (innocently) have no Immediate friends or no
immediate friends that are black/white, coincidence not choice.
I also can't be the only one that wouldnt ask the questions even if i did
have the needed friends, for fear of being a racist. I saw this in an
article, "who the hell in america doesnt want to know the answer to
questions like, why in the hell are black people killing each other for no
seeable reason?" A pair of shoes! who the hell gets killed over a pair of
shoes? gotta be a mistake, but then you see the same story with different
killers, diers and shoes, and you naturally have questions.I am not in the
least racist, I have questions about stupid things done by anybody any race.
Like its stupid that mostly all the glue sniffers and paint huffers are
white. But if i ask, its just a question. Not a racist question like if i
ask why black guys hold/grab their #@*!'s a disproportionate amount
(seriously i want to know). but my point is these questions are natural, but
can't be asked due to political correctness. All of us know, except maybe
the idiots black/white that preach hate.  (Did you see them at mrs kings
funeral? what was that about.) the vast majority of america seldom thinks
about race, and wishes we thought of it even less. Why do blacks talk about
it so much? but i cant ask anyone that either. what a country we live in. we
cant ask nothing important, we have to act like we dont notice stuff that
cant "not be seen". that is why i posted this, because there is a place
where racional discussions about questions like these are asked by
black?white readers daily. and that place is called but don't let the name throw you. Its just an
attention grabber, how can you not click on a link that says  So go there and post in the forums, you can even
post as a guest. just read a post on any of the topic discussions and hit
the reply button, its that easy. Of course you can register, that was easy
too. but if you are a registerd user, you get to submit your own poll
questions AND articles. thats right articles. You cant post the articles to
the forum and the best of the week, sometimes day are featured on the Main
site right on the home page main url whatever.  but you dont have to write
ans article you can just browse the subjects and post replies. there are
even ussually a few people there at the time you are, so it really is
imformative, an growing. thanks

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