Is NIS 2006 worth it?

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Presently I run AVG and Zone Alarm and they work even if I've had
trouble in the past.  I have just installed XP SP1 and am going through
withdrawal symptoms for Norton Utilities Version 3 (1997) which did a
good job of spotting disk errors (Disk Doctor) and fixing registry
problems (Windoctor)

It is getting close to the time when my father will ask me what I want
for Christmas.  I am tempted top ask for NIS 2006 but I have heard bad
things about recent versions turning fast machines into XTs.  Is it
worth upgrading and are there problems with it?  Also are there disk
management and registry management tools included that I can put onto XP
to maintain my computer as well as the obvious NAV and firewall

I'm thinking of switching from dial-up to broadband and if I do that
will NIS 2006 give me greater security than AVG, Zone Alarm and Adaware?

What does NOD32 have btw?

Bill Jillians

Re: Is NIS 2006 worth it?

Take a look at BitDefender 9 Internet Security ($123.41 for 3 years);  plus
Webroot Spy Sweeper ($30 for 2 years...they sent a $10 off coupon after I
downloaded the free trial)...have made a good combination for me.  You could
try the free trails on both. /

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Re: Is NIS 2006 worth it?

Bill Jillians wrote:
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You'd be hard pressed to find someone to recommend Norton these days.
It's too much of a resource hog.

NOD32 on the other hand is a joy to have installed, I'll not give you
the propaganda but you can read about it here
Bear in mind that it's an antivirus and not a full security suite.
Using NOD32 in combination ZoneAlarm is pretty nifty.

Wattsville Blues
Sors Salutis

Re: Is NIS 2006 worth it?

Id Deff recommend the Nod32 & ZoneAlarm combination.Been working perfectly
for the last year or so now.
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Re: Is NIS 2006 worth it?

Bill Jillians wrote:
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I second the vote for NOD - excellent AV and low resource
use.  Also have been happy with SpySweeper.  I'm still
running Sygate firewall and if you can still download the
free version, it should take care of things.

NOTE - if you get a broadband connection, you need an NAT
router more than you need any software firewall and that is
the first thing you should get.


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