Is McAfee mirror really a *mirror*?

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I've been doing the following to keep my workstations updated:

- use a mirror task to create a local repository on my laptop
- copy the contents (\mirror) to a shared folder
- point autoupdate repository list for other workstations at the local
UNC path
- have workstations auto-update weekly

One of the users told me that when he manually scanned all fixed disks
there was a message that virus definitions were several months old.  
This surprised me, although I had noticed in the past that few new files
were ever created under \mirror.

If I manually run the latest superdat .exe file on each workstation, the
fixed disk scan will run without the messages re: old virus definitions,
but why isn't having the workstations auto-update from my mirror not
achieving the same result?

Re: Is McAfee mirror really a *mirror*?

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So WHICH McAfee product includes disk or partition mirroring?

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Re: Is McAfee mirror really a *mirror*?

None of them - you are getting confused with the Term Mirroring in this

With MCafee its purely a location (alternative place) rather than anything
to do with Hard Drive RAID.

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