Is it dangerous to disable "TeapotTimer in Spybot?

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    A relative lives where they have only 'dialup' available for internet
service.  I've recommended, and we installed, AVG Free, Spybot, and Adaware
for protection.  When she runs and dials-up to get online, her computer
takes forever and Task Manager shows Spybot's 'TeaTimer' to be the cpu-hog.
I don't recall what Intel cpu but a Gateway laptop, ~1.6ghz non-dual core; I
just upped it from 512 to 2gb ram which showed very noticeable browsing
speed increase.  It now performs plenty fast and flawlessly on my Bellsouth
hi-speed internet access.
    Does she forego protections and cleansing actions if we disable
'TeaTimer'?  What specifically?  Any workarounds?  Disabling it *really*
speeds up her access time.
Thanks.  sdlomi2

Re: Is it dangerous to disable "TeapotTimer in Spybot?

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Teatimer sends alerts when a registry value is changed.  It is supposed to
learn from user actions which programs may change the registry with
permission from the user.
If teatimer is slowing down the startup, I would wonder what is making so
many changes.  I would try to determine which program is doing this, and I
would like to know whether the program is malware or not.  It never slowed
startup very much on my computers.

Re: Is it dangerous to disable "TeapotTimer in Spybot?

Jim wrote:
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Teatimer here wakes up only when I install or uninstall a program, and
has no effect on boot time.

If you have Spybot S&D, IMO you don't need AdAware. For that matter,
there may be a conflict between AdAware and Teatimer, and that could be
causing the slow boot. Try starting just one of these programs at boot,
and see how each affect boot time on its own.

You could also try unchecking all the menu items under Resident IE
(right click on the tray icon to see T/T's menu). I don't use IE, so I
don't know if this will work. If it does work, you will lose some
protection against infection with spybots, most of which are relatively
harmless - they just monitor whether you click on ads, for example.

BTW, Teatimer doesn't clean up anything, it alerts you to and blocks
changes in system settings until you allow them. You have to run Spybot
to clean things up (and you should do that every week or so, depending
on the infection rate.)


wolf k.

Re: Is it dangerous to disable "TeapotTimer in Spybot?

I have never use teatimer in five years, and still have a very clean

Yours Quilly,

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