invisible folders and no admin privelages due to nasty virus

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recently, on a shared computer with no internet access (using XP SP2)
a virus infected the system. THe virus is called "Win32/VB.NJU" worm.
I used the free edition of NOD32 to clean the system as best I could
I still have several problems I cannot solve.

1)      All folders in the root directory of any infected drive are
from view. That is, they are invisible to the computer. For example,
under "C:/" in windows explorer only documents  show up. This is true
of USB drives and hard drives aswell. The
folders are accessible if you type the directory in the address bar -
if you
can remember what the folders are called. For example if you type
"C:/daves stuff" you can access to the directory but not if you can't
recall the name of "daves stuff". Windows does not search the
directories it cannot see either. When searching for a file it will
only explore the root directory and any folders i have since created
after cleaning the virus.

2)      The computer seems to be running under a user account with
options disabled by the administrator. Tasks which are disabled
include opening the task manager and the command line prompt. before
the virus, the computer only had one user account which was the
administrator. Now there is still only one user account but with very
restricted privelages.

any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to do a fresh
install but the computer is a shared one in a household which changes
every 3-4 months and most installation CD's have long since
disappeared. Also, to backup any data i would need to be able to find
the folders which have data in them. I cannot remember the names of
all the folders, or indeed the exact punctuation necessary to point to
the file manually.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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