Invalid Update Control Ctf File

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I have installed the AVG free edition anti virus.Its version is 8.0.176
and virus db is 270.10.12/1910.
This keep failing to update with a message
When I try to update manually,I get the same message (INVALID UPDATE
( )

Please give me suggestions to solve this problem.

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Re: Invalid Update Control Ctf File

On 01/23/2009 11:00 PM, tpsilva sent:
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Re: Invalid Update Control Ctf File

I also had a problem with AVG. On a nice Saturday afternoon, I tried to
update to the 8.0.229 (I have 8.0.x) After installing, things went to hell.
It started with not being able to update. I d-installed, and tried I tried
to install my 7.x ver. Ser nums didn't work. I disregarded my
"interneting-naked" and got the latest greatest 8.0.22.. I installed it(free
version) just to protect my self. I spent the next day and 1/2 to get it to
work. No answer from AVG US. Sent many e-mails off, but not much help. Well
things seem to be OK for now.
So, what did I learn?
1. AVG (US) doesn't have 24/7 tech support as they claim.
2. Avg servers seem to be down/missing update files
3. Even with updates, many virus/malware/worms still get through. I still
have 2 or 3 incidents of iexplore.exe still running. I also had to turn to
other sw to eliminate several pesky malwares.
4. the only time I could get a response, was when I threatened to find
another av sw, and demand my money back.

I'm still pissed, and am seriously looking at other packages.
For what a two year subscription costs, I expect more......

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